Monerujo Review 2023: The Best Monero Software Wallet?

I this guide I will analyze Monerujo: a quite secure Monero wallet for Android. Learn about its features, such as the Ledger Nano S integration, integrated swap with and the 100% open-source code.

What is Monerujo?

Monerujo is Monero (XMR) open-source wallet. It is considered one of the most reliable and safe solution, endorsed by the Monero developers themselves.

Its open-source nature ensures transparency, and it's recommended for users seeking a balance between security and performance.

Monerujo originally started as a software wallet, but it has evolved to include the option of integrating with Ledger devices. This unique feature allows users to maintain their seed phrase exclusively on their hardware wallet, disconnected from the internet. This setup enhances security to the utmost level, effectively bridging the safety gap between software and hardware wallets.

Monerujo Features

Monerujo Overview
Monerujo Overview

Monerujo, the versatile mobile wallet tailored for Monero (XMR), boasts an array of features that cater to both security-conscious users and those seeking user-friendly functionality.

Multiple Wallets

Monerujo caters to the diverse needs of users by offering the convenience of managing multiple wallets within the app. Seamlessly navigating between different wallets is hassle-free, allowing users to create new wallets with just a few taps. This flexibility empowers users to organize their Monero holdings effectively.

QR Code Scanning

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually typing Monero addresses. Monerujo simplifies the sending process by incorporating a built-in QR code scanner. With a quick scan, users can effortlessly send funds to the intended recipient. This feature streamlines transactions, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

Open Source Transparency

Monerujo takes security to the next level by being completely open source. This means that anyone, from developers to security experts, can review the code for vulnerabilities. This transparency fosters confidence among users, reassuring them that their funds are safeguarded. Monerujo's commitment to open source code aligns with the spirit of decentralization and privacy that Monero embodies.

Pay BTC Addresses

Monerujo's integration with the service introduces a powerful capability – the ability to send Monero to Bitcoin addresses. By scanning the BTC QR code or pasting the BTC address into the send field, Monerujo orchestrates a seamless exchange in the background. This functionality expands users' transaction options and offers flexibility beyond the Monero ecosystem.

Hardware Wallet Integration

Monerujo Ledger Integration
Monerujo Ledger Integration

Monerujo sets itself apart by pioneering integration with the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, setting a precedent for mobile and hardware wallet synergy. This integration, introduced in late 2018, allows Monerujo users to seamlessly link their Ledger Nano S device to the mobile app.

Typically reserved for desktop clients, this mobile/hardware integration enhances the security of Monero holdings while providing convenience for users on the go. If you possess a Ledger Nano device, setting up Monerujo to work with it is a straightforward process that requires just a few simple steps.

Monerujo's array of features, including multiple wallet management, QR code scanning, open source transparency, BTC address compatibility, and hardware wallet integration, collectively position it as a versatile and secure mobile wallet solution for Monero users.

Who Created Monerujo?

Monerujo Team
Monerujo Team

Monerujo was brought to life by a dedicated community of developers who share a passion for Monero and a commitment to creating a reliable mobile wallet solution.

While not the official Monero app, Monerujo has garnered community approval and is recommended by the Monero developers themselves.

Monerujo Compatibility

Geared specifically toward Android users, Monerujo provides a seamless experience on a variety of Android devices. Unfortunately, iOS users do not have access to Monerujo, limiting its compatibility to Android platforms.

How To Create a New Wallet with Monerujo: Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up a new wallet on Monerujo is a straightforward process. After downloading the app from the Google Play store, users can create a new wallet with ease. Follow this short, step-by-step, guide.

How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 1
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 1
  • Open the Monerujo app and tap on the "+" symbol that you find on the bottom right of the dashboard.
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 2
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 2
  • A new menu will appear. Tap on "Create new wallet" to get started. There are also additional options for wallet restoration, whether from private keys, view-only versions, or mnemonic seed, provide flexibility for users migrating from other wallets.
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 3
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 3
  • You can now decide to name the wallet and add an additional passphrase to strenghten its security. When you are ready, tap on the "Make me a wallet already!" button.
How To Create A Wallet on Monerujo Step 4
  • Write down the mnemonic seed (1), as it's gonna be your only way to access the funds. When you are done, tap on "I have noted the mnemonic seed".

You have now created your wallet and you can get started to send and receive funds.

How to receive Monero with Monerujo

How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 1
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 1
  • From the wallet view, tap on "Receive".
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 2
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 2
  • You can now copy the receiving address (1) and paste to where you want to send the Monero from. You can also scan the QR code (2).

How to send Monero with Monerujo

How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 1
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 1
  • To send funds with Monerujo wallet, just press "Give" on the wallet dashboard.
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 2
How To Receive Monero With Monerujo Step 2
  • Insert the receiver address (or scan it), select the funds you want to send and then add the amount. Confirm to send the funds.
Among the intriguing features of Monerujo, a notable one is its ability to facilitate the sending of various types of funds, even when your wallet solely contains Monero, as it rightly should for being a dedicated XMR wallet. Consequently, while transferring Monero, you have the added option of scanning a Bitcoin address. Through this process, the recipient will receive the equivalent converted amount in BTC. As I wrote at the beginning of the review, this functionality is made possible by the seamless integration of into the Monerujo platform.

Is Monerujo Safe?

Claiming that a software wallet is entirely impervious to risks would be disingenuous. Software wallets are typically linked to the internet, introducing potential vulnerabilities that could expose private keys. Nevertheless, Monerujo presents a solution by seamlessly integrating with hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S. This hardware integration ensures that the private key remains confined to the device, eliminating the need to expose it on a software wallet.

Moreover, Monerujo offers an additional layer of security through its open-source nature. This transparency allows users to scrutinize the code thoroughly, providing reassurance about the wallet's functionality and security measures. This commitment to open-source development underscores Monerujo's dedication to fostering a secure environment for users seeking to manage their Monero holdings.

Monerujo: Pros & Cons

Monerujo excels in several areas, offering a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet solution. Its lightweight design, remote node synchronization, and emphasis on keeping private data on the user's device enhance security.

Additionally, Monerujo integrates with Ledger Nano S, bridging the gap between mobile and hardware wallets. On the flip side, Monerujo's compatibility is limited to Android devices, leaving iOS users without access. Furthermore, the absence of an iOS version prevents a broader user base from benefiting from its features.

Pros Cons
✅ Hardware wallet compatibility (Ledger Nano S) ❌ Only available for Android
âś… Swap integration with
âś… Easy to use

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Monero users seeking a reliable and user-friendly mobile wallet will find Monerujo to be a valuable tool.

Its security measures, open-source code, and seamless integration with Ledger Nano S hardware wallets make it a compelling choice for Android users.

While its compatibility is limited by its Android exclusivity, Monerujo strikes a balance between security and ease of use, positioning itself as a strong contender in the realm of Monero wallets.

Monerujo Evaluation

Security: While Monerujo offers a secure environment, it's advisable to augment the safety of your seed phrase by pairing it with a hardware wallet. For safeguarding significant holdings over the long term, it's advisable to avoid storing the private key or directly inputting the seed phrase into Monerujo. (5/5)

User-friendliness: Despite its comprehensive range of features and configurations, Monerujo maintains an intuitive user experience, ensuring easy navigation and utilization. (3/5)

Compatibility: Monerujo doesn't excel in compatibility, unfortunately it supports Android only. (1/5)

Reputation: While information about the creator of Monerujo might be limited, it's known that the software emerges from the dedication of passionate contributors. The open-source aspect of Monerujo allows for transparency and peer review, thus contributing to its reputable standing. (3/5)

Cost: Monerujo is offered free of charge. (5/5)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Monerujo compatible with hardware wallets?

Yes, Monerujo can be used with hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S. This provides an added layer of security by keeping your private key on the hardware device, minimizing exposure to potential online risks.

Can I audit the code of Monerujo for security?

Absolutely. Monerujo is an open-source wallet, which means its code is available for public review on platforms like GitHub. This transparency allows users to verify its security features and build trust in the wallet's functionality.

Is Monerujo available for iOS devices?

No, Monerujo is specifically designed for Android devices. If you are an iOS user looking for a Monero wallet, you might want to explore alternatives like Cake Wallet or Edge Wallet, both of which are officially supported for iOS.