ShopinBit Review 2024: Buy Everything With Bitcoin & Crypto

ShopinBit let's you to spend your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for purchasing goods and services. It has a vast selection of over 1 million items and exclusive premium services. Let's explore into a comprehensive review of how it works.

What Is ShopinBit?

Many argue that Bitcoin must evolve through distinct phases before achieving full monetary status. Initially, it serves as a store of value, progressing toward widespread acceptance in this role. Eventually, it logically transitions into a medium of exchange, where Bitcoin becomes the primary monetary asset for transactions.

However, the reality is that Bitcoin can already function as a medium of exchange today. In fact, services like ShopinBit enable users to buy a massive array of goods and services using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This isn't limited to specific items like mining equipment or gift cards; it extends to major purchases such as cars and houses, encompassing virtually anything imaginable. ShopinBit works as a complete online marketplace for those eager to spend their Bitcoin or alternative coins.

In this guide, I will explore ShopinBit, detailing its functionality, available categories, and how users can engage with it.

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Feature Description
🌐 Website
🏙️ Headquarters Krakow, Poland
📅 Year Founded 2018
🛍️ Products Electronics, Travel, Fashion, Personal Care & More
💳 Payment Methods Bitcoin, Monero, Fiat
🌍 Shipping Locations Worldwide
🚚 Shipping Options Different Shipping Options
📦 Free Shipping Free EU shipping for Bitcoin/XMR orders over 21€; 9.99€ otherwise
📏 Return Policy 14 days return policy
📞 Customer Support Twitter, Email
📧 Email Support plebbin(at)
🏷 Items no. 1 million+ items

ShopinBit Product Categories

Shopinbit Overview
Shopinbit Overview

Shopinbit is europe's biggest Bitcoin store, with over 1 Million items available to purchase. Shipping to EU, CH, UK, USA & CA. It's essentially an huge Amazon for bitcoiners, offering tons of items across various categories:

Bitcoin Economy

ShopinBit Bitcoin Economy
ShopinBit Bitcoin Economy

This section features products primarily related to Bitcoin hardware, including nodes, miners, hardware wallets, solar energy solutions, cold storage backups, books, plush toys, and more.


ShopinBit Bitcoin Electronics
ShopinBit Bitcoin Electronics

The electronics category let's users shop a diverse range of devices and accessories to cater to all technological needs, including smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, as well as Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Additionally, there are even PC components such as motherboards, CPU, RAMs, graphics cards, displays, speakers, and headphones available.


ShopinBit Fashion
ShopinBit Fashion

In the fashion area you can shop on a wide selection of clothing from both established designers and emerging brands, including everything from handbags and shoes to ready-to-wear apparel. Accessories such as scarves and jewelry are also available to complement your fashion ensemble.

Personal Care

ShopinBit Personal Care
ShopinBit Personal Care

In the personal care area you can discover cosmetics from various brands like BeYu, Artdeco, and Dr. Hauschka, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, serums, moisturizers, perfumes, and body mists to enhance your personal grooming routine.

Home & Garden

ShopinBit Home & Garden
ShopinBit Home & Garden

Find furniture and decor items for your living spaces, as well as outdoor furniture and planters for your garden. A variety of home accessories are also offered to elevate your interior design aesthetic.


ShopinBit Sport

Browse products from renowned brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Deuter, including jerseys, footwear, sports equipment, running shoes, footballs, and outdoor gear to enhance your sporting experience.

Premium Services

ShopinBit Premium Services
ShopinBit Premium Services

Access exclusive items and services, including concierge service for personalized shopping, a travel agency for tailored trip planning, a car purchasing service with a ShopinBit license plate option, and VIP membership perks like direct communication with the team, access to high-value items, and invitations to exclusive Bitcoin events.

Adults Only

A section reserved for adult-oriented products and services, allowing users to explore according to their preferences.

How ShopinBit Works

ShopinBit uses a clever structure that enhances user experience. Instead of displaying prices in Bitcoin, which can be misleading due to its high volatility, items are priced in euros. During checkout, customers have the option to pay in fiat currency like euros, or they can opt to pay in BTC or XMR and get a 3% discount. Additionally, there's a special offer of free shipping promotion from just 21€ - which is EU-wide (no Swiss or UK) and for Bitcoin (or Monero) payments only.

One important advantage of using ShopinBit is its NO-KYC policy, ensuring utmost discretion throughout the entire purchasing process. This policy applies not only to the regular shop but also extends to services like the concierge service, travel agency, events, and more.

How To Sign Up On ShopinBit

To get started on ShopinBit, you can click on the link down below which also gives you a €5 exclusive voucher.

👉 Click here to start shopping at ShopinBit. Save €5 on your order with code BLOCKDYOR.

It's worth mentioning that registration isn't required as ShopinBit prioritizes user privacy. However, if you're ok with it, you can create an account using your address or even a PO Box. For enhanced privacy, check out our Opsec guide.

ShopinBit Sign Up Step 1
ShopinBit Sign Up Step 1

After clicking on the link up here, click on the user button on the top right of the ShopinBit home page.

ShopinBit Sign Up Step 2
ShopinBit Sign Up Step 2

Then click on "Sign Up".

ShopinBit Sign Up Step 3
ShopinBit Sign Up Step 3

Complete fields (1) through (11) and then agree to the privacy policy (12) before clicking "Continue." You'll receive a confirmation email. Subsequently, log in from the same page by entering your email (14), password (15), and clicking "Log In."

From then on, your address will be saved for checkout convenience, although this step is optional. You can still shop on ShopinBit without an account and enjoy a €5 voucher bonus on your next purchase.

How To Buy On ShopinBit

Shopping on ShopinBit is just as straightforward as it is on Amazon or eBay. Simply search for the product you desire, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. The major distinction from mainstream e-commerce platforms is that you can conveniently pay with Bitcoin and even Monero.

How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 1
How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 1

Here's how it works. Begin by choosing one or more items from ShopinBit's extensive selection, which includes millions of products. Once you've made your selections, add them to your cart, and you'll notice a new column appear on the right.

How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 2
How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 2

You can add the discount code "BLOCKDYOR" to get a €5 complimentary discount. Click on "Go to checkout" to get continue with the process.

How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 3
How To Buy On ShopinBit Step 3

Choose your preferred payment method, and keep in mind that opting for Bitcoin or Monero will earn you a discount. Once you're prepared, click on the "Submit Order" button to proceed with the payment. Your items will be shipped promptly thereafter.

Is ShopinBit Safe?

ShopinBit Trustpilot
ShopinBit Trustpilot

Prior to making any transactions on ShopinBit, it's advisable to gather some more information about the platform. This Polish company frequently participates in major events such as BTC Prague, underscoring their dedication to engaging with customers and demonstrating their credibility. Additionally, their Trustpilot page has over 10 reviews, most of them reflecting a positive sentiment towards the shop.


You can find their address on the footer of their website, which is as follows:

SHOPINBIT Sp. z o.o.
Al. Powstania Warszawskiego 15
31-539 Krakow
KRS 0000932953
NIP 6751758344

Their office is located in Krakow, the capital of Poland, allowing them to offer competitive shipping rates across Europe, often for free if you spend above a certain threshold (21€, Europe only, Bitcoin only).

ShopinBit Address
ShopinBit Address

We tried searching for it on Google Maps, but unfortunately, it seems that the Shopinbit logo isn't visible, possibly because they're part of a larger office complex or the provided address might be a PO box. Nonetheless, it's reassuring that they have provided an address.

Payment methods

Shopinbit Payments Methods
Shopinbit Payments Methods

Certainly, you can pay with Bitcoin and altcoins, but it's widely known that one of Bitcoin's major "hurdles" is its irreversible nature. If you fall victim to a scam, the funds are probably irretrievable without resorting to legal action or other measures.

Fortunately, ShopinBit also supports PayPal, which offers extensive buyer protection, ensuring a higher level of security. If you're hesitant about trusting ShopinBit, you can make your initial purchase with PayPal for added security. Once you're confident in their reliability, you can then utilize Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for future transactions.

To summarize, the accepted payment methods include:

  • Bitcoin on chain
  • Bitcoin Lightning
  • Monero
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Blik
  • Sofort
  • Przelewy24
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • GiroPay


ShopinBit provides shipping services to the entire European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. For other countries, customers are directed to consult the website for specific information.

For Bitcoin and Monero payments:

  • Free shipping is offered within the EU for orders over 21€.
  • Orders below 21€ incur a 9,99€ shipping fee within the EU.

For other payment methods:

  • Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, and Czech Republic:
    • Orders below 50€: 9,99€
    • Orders over 50€: Free Shipping
  • All other EU countries:
    • Orders below 500€: 19,99€
    • Orders over 500€: Free Shipping

Delivery times vary and typically range between 3-5 business days, with longer durations for farther destinations.

Shipping Costs and Notes for CH, UK, USA, and CA:

  • UK & CH: 19,99€ net
  • USA & CA: 59,99€ net
    Certain categories, like heavy items such as furniture, may have a fixed shipping cost of 99,99€ net.

Customers are responsible for applicable taxes and customs charges associated with exported products. It is recommended to review relevant regulations before placing an order.

VAT rates

Prices displayed on the website include Polish VAT. Final prices depend on the applicable VAT rate in the destination country, which will be calculated during checkout.


If you buy something from ShopinBit and later change your mind, you can return it within 14 days of getting it. You don't need to explain why. To return it, you just need to let ShopinBit know you're sending it back. You can use their template statement or just tell them yourself.

Once ShopinBit gets your return request, they have 14 days to give you back the money you paid for the item and any delivery costs you paid, but not the extra costs if you chose a more expensive delivery option. You have to pay to send the item back to ShopinBit, though, unless it's something big that can't be sent by post. In that case, you need to contact ShopinBit to find out how much it'll cost.

ShopinBit will give you your refund using the same payment method you used to pay, or another method you both agree on, as long as it doesn't cost you more. If you paid with cryptocurrency, you'll get a refund in euros based on the value of the goods when ShopinBit gets the returned package.

You need to be careful not to damage the item more than necessary while you're checking it out. If you do, you might not get all your money back.

If you change your mind before ShopinBit sends out your order, you can cancel it, and the contract won't be valid. However, there are some cases where you can't return things, like if they can go bad quickly, are sealed and can't be returned once opened, are connected to other things, or are sound or visual recordings or computer programs that were sealed but opened after delivery.

Shopinbit Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
✅ Vast assortment of items ❌ Price might be a bit higher for some items
✅ Free shipping over €21
✅ Discount if you pay in Bitcoin
✅ No KYC
✅ 14 days returns

Bottom Line

If you're in Europe, Shopinbit stands out as the premier bitcoin and crypto e-commerce platform. Their current offerings are not just impressive but remarkably expansive, ensuring you'll likely discover whatever you seek without compromising your privacy.

Plus, with Shopinbit's excellent concierge service, even if you're after more specialized assistance, your needs will be fully met. It's truly an ideal way to utilize Bitcoin and foster a circular economy.

👉 Click here to start shopping at ShopinBit. Save €5 on your order with code BLOCKDYOR.

Shopinbit Evaluation

Product Selection: The platform offers a diverse range of products, catering to various customer needs. Rating: 5/5.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the website is intuitive, providing a seamless shopping experience. Rating: 5/5.

Customer Support: The platform offers multiple support channels and ensures quick response times. Rating: 4/5.

Pricing and Discounts: Competitive pricing and shipping discounts are available, enhancing customer value. Rating: 4/5.

Shipping: Shipping is from Poland, so clients overseas might incur in import taxes. Rating: 4/5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there free shipping?

Yes, ShopinBit offers free shipping within the EU for orders over 21€ paid with Bitcoin or Monero. Orders below 21€ incur a 9,99€ shipping fee within the EU.

How can I contact customer service?

You can reach our customer service team via email at [email protected].

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary. Within the EU, standard shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. International shipping durations may vary; however, you can track your order for real-time updates.