CryptoHopper Review 2024: The Best Crypto Trading Bot?

Discover CryptoHopper: A feature-rich platform supporting 17 major exchanges, providing a wide range of crypto bot trading opportunities for both novice and experienced traders.

What is Cryptohopper?

When it comes to automating and simplifying the trading of cryptocurrencies, CryptoHopper is one of the top choices. As a leading crypto trading bot platform, CryptoHopper offers highly customizable bots and preset options suitable to every individual trading preferences.

By working as an interface between the user and multiple supported cryptocurrency exchanges, CryptoHopper enables direct communication with the markets through API integration, eliminating the need for constant user intervention. With CryptoHopper, trading becomes more efficient and convenient.

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🌐 Website
🏙️ Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
📅 Year Founded 2017
🤖 Primary Bots Copy Bot, Follow Signals, Quick Bot Builder, Custom Bot
🔒 IP Whitelist Supported
💱 Trading Pairs Varies with the connected exchange
💵 Price From $19 per month (free plan also available)
🌍 Supported Countries Worldwide
📱 Mobile App Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) and Android
💬 Customer Support Ticket, Email, Live Chat 24/7

How CryptoHopper Works

CryptoHopper Overview
CryptoHopper Overview

CryptoHopper works by offering a diverse range of bot types designed to perform various tasks. These include trade bots, market-making bots, exchange arbitrage bots, and market arbitrage bots, among others. Users can explore these different bot options to suit their trading strategies.

The platform provides a 7-day free trial for the Explorer package, after which the monthly cost ranges from $9.99 to $99.99, depending on the chosen subscription tier. Additional pricing tiers such as Adventure, and Hero offer different features and benefits.

There is also a Pioneer free plan with Unlimited Copy Bots, plus, 20 open positions / exchange, portfolio Management and free manual trading on all exchanges

Each subscription tier offers varying capabilities, including the types of bots available, interval check periods, and maximum concurrent trades. For example, the Market-Making and Triangular Arbitrage bots are accessible with the Hero subscription, while the Exchange Arbitrage bot is available through Adventure and Hero subscriptions.

CryptoHopper also features a Social Trading Platform, allowing users to purchase bot templates, engage in discussions about trading tactics, and subscribe to trading signals from other users.

Furthermore, the platform provides professional tools that do not require any coding knowledge, such as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), Short Selling, and Triggers, enabling users to enhance their trading strategies.

CryptoHopper prioritizes user account security by closely collaborating with exchanges and authorities. The platform employs industry-leading security mechanisms to protect user data, ensuring a secure trading environment.

Cryptohopper offers a comprehensive suite of features, a variety of bot options, and a strong focus on user security, making it a valuable platform for crypto traders of all levels.

Who Created Cryptohopper?

CryptoHopper was founded in 2017 by two Dutch brothers, Ruud Feltkamp and Pim Feltkamp. Combining the expertise of a successful day trader and a brilliant engineer, they created some of the most used crypto trading bot platforms in the industry.

CryptoHopper founders: Ruud and Pim Feltkamp
CryptoHopper founders: Ruud and Pim Feltkamp

Pim, the engineer, automated the trading process, creating an unbeatable, fast, and reliable trader that never rests. What started with a small fan base quickly grew to include people from all over the world. It became clear that they had something significant on their hands.

With the public release of CryptoHopper, they enabled traders worldwide to start trading automatically 24/7, without the need for manual intervention.

Is CryptoHopper Safe?

When it comes to the safety of a trading bot like CryptoHopper, one of the key factors to consider is how it communicates with the API.

Luckily, CryptoHopper supports API integration with exchanges that offer IP whitelisting. This feature adds an extra layer of security by allowing only authorized IP addresses to access the API, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

In addition to API security, CryptoHopper provides users with the option to enhance their account security with two-factor authentication (2FA). By enabling 2FA, users are required to enter a secret code from their 2FA application in addition to their username and password every time they log in. This adds an extra level of protection to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

It's also worth noting that CryptoHopper has not experienced any recent API leaks or data breaches, which is a positive indicator of their commitment to user data security. By implementing industry-leading security measures and protocols, the platform aims to provide a safe and secure trading environment for its users.

CryptoHopper Main Features

CryptoHopper sets itself apart from the competition by offering a wide range of advanced features suitable both for expert traders and beginners. By mechanically executing predefined actions, these functions can provide an edge in the market. Let's explore into the key highlights of CryptoHopper's crypto trading bot offer.

Paper Trading

CryptoHopper Paper Trading
CryptoHopper Paper Trading

The paper trading feature is basically a demo account, where you can conduct technical analysis on your strategies and decisions without risking real money. This allows you to refine your trading approach and develop a solid investment strategy before committing actual funds.

Automatic Trading

CryptoHopper Automatic Trading
CryptoHopper Automatic Trading

CryptoHopper's bots allow you to automate your trades by configuring the desired parameters on the automatic trading platform. The bots open and closes trades based on technical indicators, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and timely execution. There is also an integrated backtesting feature to understand on-the-go if a strategy might be successful or not.

Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick patterns plays a very important role in identifying potential market changes. CryptoHopper's bots not only recognize these patterns but also leverage them to execute trades. The platform provides comprehensive documentation to educate users about the supported candlestick patterns recognized by the bots.


CryptoHopper DCA
CryptoHopper DCA

The DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) functionality is designed to mitigate sudden losses by gradually investing small amounts of funds over time. This strategy helps to balance out the purchase or sale cost, ultimately reducing the impact of market volatility on your trades.

Trailing Orders

CryptoHopper Trailing Orders
CryptoHopper Trailing Orders

The Trailing orders feature by Cryptohopper helps you to set up trades based on the market price of a cryptocurrency. The bots can automatically sell when prices decline and open buy orders when prices rise again. By trailing the value of the stock, the bots make trades using these technical indicators, effectively minimizing losses and maximizing gains.

Social Trading

CryptoHopper Social Trading
CryptoHopper Social Trading

CryptoHopper embraces the concept of social trading, where you observe and learn from other users' automated trading strategies. This valuable insight can serve as investment advice and help you optimize your trading profits. However, we must underline that it's important to do your own research and make informed decisions when copying others people trades.

Trading Terminal

CryptoHopper Trading Terminal
CryptoHopper Trading Terminal

Cryptohopper's trading terminal is comprehensive dashboard where you can access details of your entire portfolio and take quick actions. Thanks to the quite intuitive user interface, you have full control over your assets and the ability to implement your unique trading strategy, both with the real or the paper account.


Cryptohopper supports the world's best and largest crypto exchanges. This broad range of exchanges not only offers variety but also grants access to advanced trading tools and real-time trading across

AI Trading

CryptoHopper AI Trading
CryptoHopper AI Trading

Cryptohopper's semi-automated bot use AI and learns from your trading patterns by offering advice based on your past trades. It can even execute trades independently, if permitted. The AI system analyzes your strategies, performs technical analysis, and suggests advanced strategies with higher potential.

Strategy Designer

CryptoHopper Strategy Designer
CryptoHopper Strategy Designer

The Strategy Designer is an important add-on to Cryptohopper's AI trading system. It allows you to select your desired indicators and create a tailored program that follows your specific trading patterns and tactics. No coding skills are required.

How to Sign Up on CryptoHopper

Signing up for CryptoHopper is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to create your account and start your journey into automated crypto trading.

  • Get started: click on the following link to access the CryptoHopper sign-up page. This link will take you directly to the registration page:

👉 Click here to sign up on CryptoHopper for free.

CryptoHopper Sign Up Step 1
CryptoHopper Sign Up Step 1
  • Click on the Sign Up link on the top right;
CryptoHopper Sign Up Step 2
CryptoHopper Sign Up Step 2
  • Fill in the required details. On the registration form, you'll be prompted to provide the following information: Username (1), Email (2), Password (3), Accept Terms and Conditions (4).
  • Create your account: After filling in the necessary details and accepting the terms and conditions, click on the "Create an Account" (5) button to proceed.
CryptoHopper Activate Account
CryptoHopper Activate Account
  • Once you have clicked on the "Create an Account" button, CryptoHopper will promptly send a confirmation email to the address you provided during registration. It is important to check both your inbox and spam folder for this email.
  • After clicking the confirmation link inside the email from CryptoHopper, you will be automatically redirected to the CryptoHopper platform. At this point, you can log in to your account and begin the onboarding process.

Create a Bot on CryptoHopper

Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 1
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 1

Immediately after signing up, CryptoHopper initiates an onboarding process to guide users through connecting an exchange and selecting/configuring a bot.

This feature is ideal for the users who are eager to quickly configure their bots with real funds and start trading. To embark on this process, simply click on Start Onboarding and follow the five sequential steps outlined below:

  • To get started with CryptoHopper, the first step is providing your personal information. This is necessary for setting up your account securely.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 2
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 2
  • Next, you will proceed to the Exchange Selection phase, where you can choose your preferred cryptocurrency exchange to connect with CryptoHopper. For this example. I chose KuCoin, since it provides IP whitelist and a strong API security, you can open an account with 20% discount on fees by clicking down here:

👉 Click here to open an account on KuCoin and get a 20% discount on trading fees.

Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 3
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 3
  • After you selected the exchange, it's time to connect the APIs. You can do this by going into your exchange dashboard with your computer desktop and navigating into the API section (it's usually in the preferences). Bear in mind that connecting the APIs, means operating with real money.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 4
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 4
  • If you don't feel like investing real money at this time, you can still click on Switch to paper trading, and continue setting up your bot with the virtual CryptoHopper account. You will be able to switch to connect exchange at any time in the future.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 5
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 5
  • Now it's the moment to select the Quote Currency. Since cryptos are traded in pair (e.g BTC/USDT), you need a stablecoin to buy the base currency. Tether (USDT) is the biggest one, with the highest market cap. So it's a good choice. Choose continue to move forward.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 6
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 6
  • Now it's time to move on to Bot Selection. Here, you can choose the specific trading bot that aligns with your trading goals and strategies. The bot selection process ensures that you can tailor your trading experience to your preferences.
  • Since, for this example, I would like to create a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Bot on Cryptohopper, I will select the Custom Bot option. This choice allows for greater flexibility and customization of the bot.
  • After selecting your bot, you can proceed to the Bot Configuration stage. This step allows you to customize various settings of your chosen bot, such as trade indicators, risk management parameters, and other specific preferences. Configuring your bot according to your requirements is essential for optimizing your trading strategies.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 7
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 7
  • Since I want to setup a DCA bot that buys at predetermined intervals. In the dashboard, click to Configuration (1), Baseconfig (2), Dollar Cost Averaging (3) and click on the Enable toggle (4). Instruct the bot with an order tipe Limit (5), and to DCA after X time open after 1 day (6) and DCA Max Retries (7) as 365. Set the DCA percentage trigger (8) to 1 and set the DCA to Buy Immediately (9) and the DCA Order Size (10) to double down.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 8
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 8
  • From the sidebar on the left, click on Coins and amounts and select the pair. For this example I select the BTC/USDT pair. Set 1% for the percentage buy amount, in order to open new positions which are only 1% in size of the whole account.
  • After you have finished configurating the bot, remember to always click on Save.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 9
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 9
  • The DCA bot is now configured, but nothing is happening. This is likely because there are no open positions. Proceed to open one from the dashboard.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 10
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 10
  • After the order has been filled, you will see the trade in your Open Positions tab.
  • To view the DCA bot you created, you can go to Dashboard > Open Positions and click on the small Info button.
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 11
Create a Bot on CryptoHopper Step 11
  • Upon clicking the DCA section, a new window will open, presenting you with comprehensive information about your DCA bot. Verify that the DCA is enabled and that is following

Once you have completed the Bot Configuration, you are all set to start trading. With everything in place, you can begin executing trades based on your bot's settings and market conditions.

CryptoHopper Pricing Plans

CryptoHopper Pricing Plans
CryptoHopper Pricing Plans

CryptoHopper offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet different trading needs. Let's explore the available options:

The Pioneer plan is the free entry-level option that allows you to start trading without any payment details. With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited Copy Bots, 20 open positions per exchange, and access to Portfolio Management tools. Additionally, you can engage in free manual trading on all exchanges.

For those seeking more advanced features, the Explorer plan is available at a monthly cost of $19.00. By opting for the annual plan, you can save $29. This plan includes everything from the Pioneer plan, along with several upgrades. You'll have access to 80 open positions per exchange, more frequent strategy interval checks every 10 minutes, and the ability to scan markets with the power of 15 bots. Additionally, you can benefit from 2 event-based triggers, backtesting, Strategy Designer, and Paper (simulated) trading. Trading signals (Signalers) are also included to enhance your trading decisions. You can try out this solution for 7 days without any cost just after you have registered a new account.

The Adventurer plan is designed for traders who want to take their trading to the next level. Priced at $49.00 per month, or with a significant saving of $89 for the annual plan, it offers all the features of the Explorer plan, and more. With the Adventurer plan, you can access 200 open positions per exchange, conduct strategy interval checks every 5 minutes, and scan markets with the power of 50 bots. Additionally, you'll have 5 event-based triggers at your disposal to capture trading opportunities efficiently.

For the most comprehensive set of features, the Hero plan is available at $99.00 per month. By choosing the annual plan, you can save $189. The Hero plan encompasses everything from the Adventurer plan, while offering further enhancements. It allows for 500 open positions per exchange, 2-minute strategy interval checks, and the ability to scan markets with the power of 75 bots. With 10 event-based triggers, advanced features like A.I. strategies and A.I. designer, access to all coins for trading signals, Market Making & Arbitrage, and Extra Technical Indicators, the Hero plan caters to traders who want the utmost flexibility and control over their trading strategies.

Please note that all prices mentioned on the website are excluding VAT (if applicable).

CryptoHopper Supported Exchanges

CryptoHopper Supported Exchanges
CryptoHopper Supported Exchanges

Currently, CryptoHopper supports 17 prominent exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry. These exchanges are well-known and widely used by traders. Here is a list of the supported exchanges along with their respective uptime, a key metric for a bot strategy success:

  1. Bittrex: 921 markets, 99.89% uptime.
  2. Bitvavo: 194 markets, 98.59% uptime.
  3. EXMO: 162 markets, 100% uptime.
  4. Bitpanda Pro: 32 markets, 99.9% uptime.
  5. HitBTC: 1533 markets, 100% uptime.
  6. Binance: 1389 markets, 100% uptime.
  7. KuCoin: 1353 markets, 99.99% uptime.
  8. 506 markets, 100% uptime.
  9. Bybit: 393 markets, 100% uptime.
  10. OKX: 1183 markets, 100% uptime.
  11. Huobi Pro: 1544 markets, 100% uptime.
  12. Coinbase Pro: 531 markets, 99.91% uptime.
  13. 316 markets, 100% uptime.
  14. Kraken: 652 markets, 100% uptime.
  15. Poloniex: 710 markets, 99.99% uptime.
  16. Bitfinex: 485 markets, 100% uptime.
  17. Coinbase Advanced: 773 markets, 100% uptime.

These exchanges offer a wide range of market options for traders using CryptoHopper, providing ample opportunities to execute their trading strategies.

CryptoHopper Support

CryptoHopper Support
CryptoHopper Support

When it comes to finding answers to general questions, CryptoHopper offers convenient support options.

Firstly, you can use the practical search bar (1) in the knowledge base (2) to quickly find relevant information about frequently asked questions.

If you need more personalized assistance, you have the option to submit a support ticket (3) to receive help from the support team. For real-time assistance, the Live Chat feature is available on the bottom right of every page on Cryptohopper. While phone support is not provided, the Live Chat function (available 24/7) is adept at swiftly resolving most issues.

CryptoHopper Opinions & Reviews

CryptoHopper has gained a reputation as a reliable and secure platform for crypto trading bots. With a strong emphasis on user protection and API security through IP whitelisting, CryptoHopper has successfully maintained a track record free from data breaches. Users' satisfaction with the platform has generally been high, as reflected in their positive reviews on Trustpilot.

One of the standout features of CryptoHopper is its commitment to ensuring the security of users' API. By supporting IP whitelisting with multiple exchanges, the platform ensures a highly secure environment for trading. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information and trading activities are safeguarded from unauthorized access.

CryptoHopper Trustpilot
CryptoHopper Trustpilot

Analyzing the Trustpilot reviews for CryptoHopper, it becomes evident that the platform got a significant number of positive ratings. With over 308 reviews and an impressive average score of 308, it is clear that the majority of users have had a great experience using the platform. This positive feedback highlights CryptoHopper's effectiveness as a crypto trading bot platform.

While the overall user sentiment toward CryptoHopper is positive, it's worth mentioning that a few users have raised concerns regarding the platform's renewal system. Some users reported instances where, despite turning off the renewal option, their cards were charged again on the renewal date without any prior warning or consent. It is important for CryptoHopper to address these concerns promptly to ensure transparency and avoid potential frustration among its users.

CryptoHopper Pros & Cons

CryptoHopper is a powerful platform that caters to advanced traders seeking sophisticated features for automated crypto trading.

However, it is worth noting that while CryptoHopper offers various advanced features, it may lack certain simpler functionalities like a DCA bot that buys regardless of the movement of the asset (an HODL bot).

Pros Cons
✅ Advanced Features ❌ Learning Curve
✅ User-Friendly Interface ❌ "Renewal" bug must be fixed
✅ Supported Exchanges ❌ Missing of a "set and forget" HODL bot
✅ Strategy Customization
✅ Backtesting Capabilities

Bottom Line

In conclusion, CryptoHopper stands as a comprehensive platform offering advanced features for automated cryptocurrency trading. With its array of tools such as automatic trading, social trading, and AI trading, it's perfect for experienced traders looking to enhance their strategies. The user-friendly interface and support for major cryptocurrency exchanges contribute to a seamless trading experience.

However, it is important to acknowledge that CryptoHopper may have a learning curve, especially when delving into more intricate functionalities. Users may encounter challenges with certain features, such as the DCA bot's ability to buy assets regardless of their movement. It is crucial to thoroughly explore and understand the platform's capabilities to leverage them effectively.

While CryptoHopper excels in providing sophisticated trading tools, it may not fulfill the requirements of traders seeking simpler functionalities or those with less experience in automated trading. Additionally, market volatility and the need for community trust in social trading strategies should be taken into account.

CryptoHopper Evaluation

Reputation: CryptoHopper has established a strong reputation in the industry, with a notable track record of being secure against hacking attempts. While some users have reported encountering bugs, the overall reputation remains high. Rating: 4/5.

Technology: CryptoHopper utilizes advanced technology, although the user interface may appear somewhat outdated. Rating: 3/5.

Customer Service: Although CryptoHopper lacks telephone support, their responsiveness through chat and email is commendable. However, there is room for improvement in terms of customer service. Rating: 3/5.

Fees: The pricing plans offered by CryptoHopper, while on the higher side, are generally considered worthwhile considering the platform's features. Affordability may vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Rating: 3/5.

Ease of Use: CryptoHopper may pose a challenge for average users due to its complexity. However, the inclusion of an onboarding system helps alleviate initial difficulties. Rating: 4/5.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much CryptoHopper costs?

CryptoHopper is available in a free plan (althought very limited) or in plans that starts from $19/month that offer automated trading and several more features.

Does CryptoHopper has the DCA bot?

CryptoHopper has the DCA and it's quite easy to setup. However, it must be noted that it's not very clear on how to setup a DCA bot that just buys the same amount at certain intervals (like an HODL bot).

What are the main exchanges supported by CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper supports all the biggest exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken OKX, KuCoin and many more.